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Elite interiors, like the canvas of an outstanding artist, differ from the typical absolute exclusivity and use of materials of the highest quality. At first glance it is impossible not to notice the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of each element, which ideally complements the overall picture. Performed with a subtle artistic taste, the luxurious interior will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of high aesthetics. His fans are people who prefer perfection and beauty of style.

If you are one of them and dream of an interior of an extra class in your home, you have come to the right place. Talented designers of the studio "Lela Kavtaradze" will turn into life any of your fantasies, presenting your apartment with an ideal look that will harmonize with the features of the room, and with the features of your character. For example, energetic and vivid nature often make a choice in favor of a cheerful exclusive interior in the style of pop art. And the sophisticated and romantic people will not resist the elegant Provence. Conservatives will like the classic interior, and connoisseurs of chic will like the luxurious Empire.

Since Lela does not erect barriers to the flight of your imagination, you can choose any style, mix them or offer your own incredible idea. At the same time, being confident that your idea was correctly interpreted and embodied the way you wanted. After all, according to many celebrities, for whom Lela created elite interiors, the designer has not only a subtle aesthetic taste, but also the ability to hear all the wishes of the client. After personally discussing the details of the project with you, she will gladly realize your dream.

It is also important that the interior, designed by a friendly creative team, will not only be luxurious, but also functional. Cooperating with leading manufacturers, the studio uses high-quality materials, as well as reliable furniture, made on individual sketches. Thanks to this, the interior of the premium class Lela can be designed for a country house, restaurant or hotel, or for a small apartment. Many people think that a small area limits the imagination, but, believe me, it's not. Thanks to the talented work of designers, even a small room can fully perform all the necessary functions, while remaining excellent in terms of aesthetics. You will not believe your eyes when you see how comfortable and beautiful can be the interior of the extra class of your hitherto unremarkable apartment. And everyone who enters your house will be pleasantly impressed by the impeccability and thoughtfulness of the style, which, moreover, will give you considerable pleasure.

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