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The head of the company
15 июня 2012 г.
Artem Sorokin

I was very lucky with the designer - Lela Kavtaradze. Before that, I was recommended by six decorators, but our tastes did not match. And Lela brought the project - and I did not even have any questions. She took into account my main requirements: fashionable repair, topical for at least the next five years; Apartment, similar to a comfortable, with a twist, the European hotel room of the highest category hotels, which I adore. There is nothing superfluous, always sterile cleanliness, there are neutral, pastel, not screaming tones, and literally every little thing pleases the eye. 

Singer, soloist of the group "A-Studio"
28 января 2012 г.
Cathy Topuria

I invited the wonderful architect-designer Lela Kavtaradze, who from the first words understood my desire to see in the interior a lot of wood, a graphic combination of dark and light colors, a variety of lighting devices, a modern style with an easy reference to the classics. And I was so lucky with Leloy that I did not even need to participate in the process. I saw the finished interior and was delighted!

Singer, producer, soloist of "Hi-Fi"
22 августа 2011 г.
Mitya Fomin

Lela Kavtaradze created the apartment of my dreams, where the electrician and peace reign. I feel good in every corner of it. At the time of repair, I had nowhere to go, and I saw the construction site with my own eyes from and to. Its result is a masterly finished apartment of European design, where you do not want to reduce or add anything. Aerobatics, in my opinion.

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3 отзыва
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