Lela Kavtaradze’s studio of original design is a team of talented and bright personalities that own superb artistic taste and high aesthetical perception of the world. They got together in order to provide people with joy by bringing their dreams into reality. The studio was found by a talented designer Lela Kavtaradze and her husband David Magaldadze that both got brilliant education at Architectural University of Rostov-on-Don and Academy of Art of Tbilisi. During many years of hard work they have created and executed great number of projects. For Lela as a true creative personality art is not just job but her lifestyle. She does not miss any single exhibition or competiton in Europe or Asia, she is in the loop of all cultural trends and events and also creates them herself. More...

Nowadays among clients of Lela and her talented interior designers there are such famous stars of show business like leading singer of “A-studio” Keti Topuria, Masha Malinovskaya, Mitya Fomin, producer Artem Sorokin and fashion designer Aleksander Arutunov. These celebrities admit the fact that they were conquered by Lela’s acuteness and artistic taste: almost without words she immediately got a very right vision of home where each of these stars wanted to live in.

Following modern trends and tendencies, our studio at the same time does not limit itself by some concrete style frames and always leaves space for creativity. Team of designers and architects is always ready to work in any direction combining in a daring way trendy concepts, classic motives and avant-garde art ideas. In the hands of a true specialist any space starts to breathe and becomes alive, transforms and gets a shape that ideally fits it. In these cases it seems like these homes get their true soul that Lela manages to recognize and fulfill in material form.

Lela is not just a great master of her craft, she is a true expert in human souls. So don’t even hesitate that Lela will always hear you and clearly understand your inner needs in design. Her strong team offers various number of services for creation of a really beautiful and comfortable home:

  • exclusive interior design and architecture
  • decorating with different clothes, carpets and accessories
  • management of turn-key projects

More than that, our studio never limits its creativity with the territory of Russia. Big distances never stop Lela and her team and many times without any hesitation they traveled to Croatia, Georgia and United States in order to bring into life new unique projects. Having big experience of work with the clients both from Moscow and foreign countries these designers will create an original style and fulfil it into life with great professionalism even if you are located far away from Russia. After seeing your cozy, transformed nest you will never want to fly away from it!

Premium Interior Design

Premium interior design is a true art that requires equally hard work, talent and commitment. Lela is really in love with her job that’s why she personally communicates with each client while creating individual project in accordance with all his/ her needs and demands. As famous Keti Topuria tells Lela understood her needs from the very first words so the singer even did not need to take part in the process of interior creation.

Lela personally leads every project from the very first to the last stage, selecting every single detail by her own hand. She not just creates interiors in accordance with all the fashionable trends of the modern world but also always manages to find rare accessories in different countries of the world from minimalistic Scandinavia to sunny Italy and also at antique flea markets of Western Europe. Lela even has her own gallery where clients can find original paintings by talented modern artists and also authentic décor accessories that you will be never able to find elsewhere in Russia. Cute things like charming vases, unusual sculptures, lamps, jewel-boxes, cozy sachets and other interesting decorative objects will provide your apartment, country house, office or restaurant with vocal, expressive look and unique atmosphere.

Our studio directly co-operates with the leading factories and local producers and also directly orders unique high quality furniture and interior finish materials. Carefully selected by the best designers they will ideally add the whole style in general and create one unique look of the interior.

Do you dream to live in a cozy house in country style or in an upscale apartment that reminds suits of a luxurious hotel? Or do you have your own ideas? Lela Kavtaradze is ready for all creative experiments, she works in all directions without losing her creative identity and style. Each interior, created by the talented designer of this private Moscow studio is a true masterpiece that combines functional usability and refined aesthetics.